Successful Green Lab Certification!

Our certification process by My Green Lab started in September 2022. Since then, we have been working within our team on the more than 150 different suggestions for improvement that the laboratory received in the course of the first "My Green Lab" employee survey. After a year of intensive planning and implementation, our lab has now achieved the highest level of certification following a second employee survey. The certification process has helped us to become more sustainable in many different areas. For example, we participate in various recycling programs, have made our ordering and storage process more sustainable, are paying more attention to turning off equipment and lights or using equipment more energy efficiently, have developed a maintenance plan for our refrigerators, regularly train our colleagues on sustainability, and have networked campus-wide on sustainability.

We are very happy about the very good result, but we are far from reaching our goal and have many more plans to make our lab more sustainable.

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