BSL-2 Sample Processing Lab

The processing lab (Biosafety level 2) is dedicated to process and store large numbers of samples that are obtained from different clinical trials taking place at the University Hospital or other partner sites in Cologne and Germany. Most commonly, samples are obtained from healthy or infected individuals during a small/large blood draws or leukapheresis procedure. Specimens are usually processed to retrieve peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), serum or plasma. For administration and documentation of the sample library, a database software (HEnRY) was designed by Dr. Jörg-Janne Vehreschild and his team. The QR-code-based system encodes unique aliquot IDs harboring all critical information of the samples. According to the material, samples can be stored in different freezers (-20, -80, -150), all controlled by temperature logs. Samples are also frequently shipped an received from collaboration partners at all sites.